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Shrimp with head 35pc


Bangus 1pc 500-600g


Tahong Green Mussels 1kg


Bangus 16-20pc Large


Bangus 21-25pcs Medium 1case


Tilapia Large 1case 10kg


Tilapia Medium 1case 10kg


Dalagang Bukid Small 1kg


Dried Fish Tungsoy 1000g


Dried Fish Bisugo 1000g


Dried Fish Sapsap 1000g


Dried Fish Danggit 1000g


Shrimp with Head 60pcs


Tilapia Cleaned 1case 10kg


Lapu Lapu 300-400g


Cut Crab 1kg


Dried Fish Hasa Hasa 1000g


Yaosho Dried Tungsoy 100g


Daing na Bisugo 100g


Yaosho Dried Sapsap 100g


Yaosho Dried hasahasa 100g


Yaosho Dried Danggit 50g


Dalagang Bukid 3pcs


Yaosho Hibi 100g


Dagupena Daing Bangus 3p


Daing na Dilis 100g


Rellenong Bangus 454g


Tinapang Tawilis 250g


Lambatt Fish Ball 250g


Lambatt Squid Balls 250g


Alimango Mud Crab 2pc


Shrimp with Head 12pc


Pangsius Big 1p

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